Dealmaker of the Quarter

Article Excerpt: Alex Sharpe, Co-Founder of iQ Office Suites, announced an expanded footprint in Toronto and the establishment of their first west coast location in the heart of downtown Vancouver. [Read Full Article]

‘Co-working’ expected to boom in Vancouver

Article Excerpt: The five largest co-working space operators are: WeWork, Regus’ Spaces, The Profile, Hive, Suite Genius and IQ Office suites, he said.

“Our belief is within the next decade, flexible workplace offerings will account for 20 percent of total downtown office space, or approximately four million square feet,”…

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How Hurricane Irma Cemented A CRE Collaboration

Article Excerpt: A partnership between NAIOP’s office conference and Global Workspace Association’s annual conference, originally scheduled for Miami, is making for a dynamic and serendipitous event called The Office Evolution, November 9-10 in Brooklyn, participants tell [Read Full Article]

Toronto is finally ready to embracel laneway housing

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Enter Lanescape, a community organization co-founded by Alex Sharpe, Craig Race and Andrew Sorbara. The idea for the group was born over conversations between its three founders during Sharpe's own efforts to build a laneway suite in 2012 and was eventually formalized two years later.

"Why does the city make it so hard to create laneway housing was our founding question," recalls Sharpe, who's also a co-founder of IQ Office Suites, a shared work site that addresses another supply crunch the city is facing in terms of first-class downtown office space.

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Historic vault contents opened, reveal… skates?

Article Excerpt: After hours of painstaking work by an expert locksmith Tuesday evening, the contents of a historic vault hidden for decades in the 120-year-old Dineen building on Yonge Street have finally been revealed. Boxes, documents, bank cheques and ... a pair of very old skates. [Read Full Article]

Working Remotely Around The World: Workspaces To Explore

Article Excerpt: Toronto is eager to embrace and celebrate coworking, with the city holding its first “coworking day” in February 2015. Some spaces listed form part of the Coworking Toronto Collective, and more tech-oriented places are popping up regularly.

iQ Office Suites provides a range of space solutions for customers who desire unique, character-filled, high-quality work environments in convenient, transit-friendly downtown locations. A mix of private offices, dedicated desks, virtual offices, meeting and event spaces are all available, alongside coworking facilities featuring contemporary designs and furnishings, enterprise-grade technology and friendly, attentive support staff.

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When your office is not your office

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Kane Willmott, a co-founder of iQ Office Suites in Toronto, cites a study by the Harvard Business Review that shows co-workers in flexible business environments find their work more meaningful and feel like they are part of a community. The shared workplace trend is not only for entrepreneurs – iQ’s clients include professionals, as well as employees at public companies and multinational corporations.

Alex Sharpe, also a co-founder at iQ, sees the supply of coworking spaces continuing to grow in the next three to five years as more organizations start to rely on flexible work spaces to control their real estate costs, while providing flexibility to their employees. Since flexibility is a key component in retaining top talent, Mr. Sharpe believes that these work spaces will need to keep raising the ante on design, furnishing and amenities in order to stand out.

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