At iQ, we understand that brokers are an integral part of our business. And since our founders both come from a brokerage background, we know the importance of your relationships with your clients.

That’s why we are committed to ensuring that every client you introduce to iQ receives a unique, personalized and always outstanding experience. We consistently strive to exceed expectations for everyone we deal with.

Most importantly, we understand and appreciate the time, effort and care that goes into building relationships. That’s why, when one of your clients becomes an iQ member, in addition to the commission you earn when they sign up, we’ll make sure to notify you when their needs grow beyond our offering.


iQ broker commissions are calculated on monthly reoccurring payments for the licensed use of a Private Office(s) or Dedicated Desk(s) as followed:

For committed terms of 12 months or greater:

  • 10% for months 1-12 and
  • 2% on months 13-36

For committed terms under 12 months:

  • 10% for months 1-12


Read our Broker Program Terms and Conditions for full information.